Welcome to The Heart Gardener Podcast!

I am so happy and delighted to announce that my long time dream is finally “birthed”!

Through solo ramblings and special guests, I will explore what it really means to live from the heart. One podcast at the time!

I’ve had the most interesting conversations with my ego. Who am I to start a podcast? Does anyone even want to be a guest on the show? Who will even listen, when there are so many brilliant podcasters “out there”? Eventually, I had to grab the ego by the … horns, and give it a good kick and said that I was happy it looked after me and was concerned, but now it was time to move on and just do it. So I did!


When I first started juggling with the thought of doing a podcast, I thought releasing one episode a month would be a great enough challenge for me. Then I read that the experienced podcasters adviced releasing at least two per month. And that felt like a stretch for me at the time! But you know how the Universe responds when you finally take one step towards your dream – it delivers tenfold.

When I publicly went out and said I was going to do this, and started inviting people on the show, I quickly understood that this was going to be a weekly show. Now I have over 4 months of weekly shows booked, and another 2 months waiting list! It’s insane and wonderful and amazing and more than I could ever imagine being possible! So thank you. Thank you, thank you thank you!

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me!

With so much love,