THG E2 Carrie Pawley – Share – Teach – Heal

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I’m so excited to announce my very first guest on the show, Carrie Pawley! She’s a spirit junkie life coach, reiki practitioner, oracle card reader, runs an online bookclub, and she helps women reconnect and find the spark of joy again!


She also volunteers as lead of an employee disability network supporting people with chronic fatigue and other health conditions where fatigue is a major symptom. There are over 100 members now, and Carrie coach and mentor them to managing work and fatigue, and also helping managers understand how they can support their staff to maintain balance.

She lives by the motto Share-Teach-Heal, and she is such a sweet and compassionate soul! Head on over to iTunes and check out this new episode (link in bio!). You can find out more about Carrie at

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