THG E8 Dana Machacek – be your own teacher and student

Hi friends!

I’m so excited to have Dana Machacek on the show today!

She is a gifted writer, teacher, and healer who models with refreshing realness what it means to follow the path of the heart. She ran a busy practice for several years, offering intuitive readings, private mentorship, and energy healing services to a diverse international clientele before dismantling her business completely and choosing to travel the world with her partner- not knowing where they would go, how long they would be away, or where they would eventually end up.


Today, Dana continues to explore both the inner and outer worlds with curiosity and courage, sharing the insights she gains through popular online workshops and through candid stories in her newsletters and Instagram page. Her next stop is South America, where she and her partner will spend the next three to six months.

She has an online workshop called ‘North Star’, which helps people to connect with their inner compass and to discover how to chart their perfect route forward. In it, she teaches you how to scan your own energy field and understand precisely what your body (and subtle bodies) need in order to regain balance, clarity, and overall alignment. This workshop has been so well received so far, and the link for more information is

Dana has been so generous that she is offering you $5 off the $35 registration fee when you use the code HEARTGARDENER!

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