THG E11 Lorie of Lemuria – Waking up is easy

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share this space with my dear soul sister Lorie Ladd!

She is an ascension guide and a high council channel for the multi-dimensional beings inside Telos, the Lemurian city within Mount Shasta. Her mission is to gracefully assist humanity into the fifth dimension.

Lorie lives in Mount Shasta and dedicates her life to assisting humanity in this planetary shift. Through her ability to journey into Telos she reconnects you with your Lemurian, Atlantean and Star families as well as activates and accelerates your light body.


In this episode, we talk about purpose, purpose-work, courage, human conditioning, unraveling, ascension, light, star beings, star systems, the difference between ego and the higher self – amongst A LOT of other things!

You can find Lorie at or on Instagram @lorieoflemuria

Listen to the podcast HERE or on iTunes! Eeek! The podcast is now also on iHeart radio!

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With love,

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