THG 12 – Casey Campbell – Seer of Hearts

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Today I’m interviewing Casey Campbell on the show! She is a ThetaHealer®, Heart Presence Activator, and creator of the self-published inspirational book “I See Hearts Everywhere.”


Casey is a conduit for divine healing; helping people shift their limiting beliefs and remember the magic of life, the magic of the heart, and the magic that they are! Recently she was invited to host her own “Today Is Magical” show on

You can find out more about her and her offerings at

In this episode, we are talking about the magic of the souls journey, her story, Beatles and transcendental meditation, hearts everywhere, Theta healing, teaching, answering your souls calling, writing, finding our purpose, and of course Caseys staples! She also recommends checking out Qoya shaking videos on YouTube for moving stagnant energy and also getting in touch with your body! (Watch HERE!)

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