THG 13 Jana Rupnow – Infertility and grace

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Today I am delighted to have Jana Rupnow,  MA, LPC, on the show. She is the author of Three Makes Baby ™, and is a licensed professional counselor and consultant specializing in fertility and family building. She has helped hundreds of people facing the challenges of infertility as well as those preparing for third-party family building and adoption. Jana works independently in private practice in Dallas, Texas. She has built relationships with fertility doctors across the country to help their patients with the psychological challenges of donation conception prior to medical intervention.

She is a speaker and a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s Mental Health Group and a professional member of the National Infertility Association, Resolve. Jana has a clinical background in physiology and has published articles through Baylor University Medical Center. Jana is also an adoptee and adoptive mom.


In this episode, we talk about infertility, shame and shaming, history, the importance of a support system, what can you say (and what you shouldn’t say) to someone facing infertility, talk about her book, miscarriage, ceremony of letting go, its never too late to heal, a tool for walking through the grief, Jana’s staples, adoption, and parenting.

For consultation, counseling, training for professionals, or a speaking engagement, email or learn more on Follow Jana Rupnow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @janarupnowlpc

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