THG E14 Kate Deely – The magical world of crystals

I am so happy and honored to present Kate Deely from Scientia London on the show today! She worked in the fashion industry, building her own brand, when she had an epiphany and jumped off the “wagon” and started working with crystals. Crystals have been a part of her life since childhood, so working with them full time was a leap of fate, but not completely into foreign territory.

In this episode, we talk about the move from the fashion industry to crystals, the epiphany, past lives, what crystals really are, how to choose a crystal, crystals in ancient times, elixirs and how they work, crystals for the heart, grounding, concentration, etc, what you need in your starter kit – and so much more!

You can find her on Instagram: @_scientia__ and on her webpage

Kate is hosting several workshops in London in September, sharing her deep love and knowledge of these magical stones – you can read about it in the link below! It is starting this Sunday – so be sure to be quick if you want a space!

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