THG E6 George Lizos – The Work in Lightwork

I’m so excited to present George Lizos on the show today! He is a Spiritual Life Coach and the author of Be The Guru. George helps people free themselves from co-dependency and become their own source of love, happiness, and fulfillment. In this episode, he talks about his journey, about befriending the ego, what it [...]


THG E4 Carrie Stiers – The art of allowing

Hi friends! Today I’m interviewing Carrie Stiers! She is an internationally known Psychic-Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, and Astrologer who delivers messages and intuitive guidance to her clients from their Angels, Spirit Guides and Deceased Loved Ones in Spirit. Carrie has helped countless individuals find peace and meaning in their lives. Her presence is such a [...]

THG E1 Introduction

THG E1 Introduction

Hey beautiful! I am proud to present this (very short) first episode of The Heart Gardener Podcast! You can go HERE and listen, or search for it on iTunes - The Heart Gardener Podcast! If you like it, subscribe, give it a thumbs up, or even better - a review! That would make my heart [...]