THG E20 Cynthia Long – A life of service

Hi friends! I am thrilled to introduce Cynthia Long on the season finale today! She has always loved the knowledge that something bigger and greater is watching over us! Being an Angel Intuitive helps her to navigate the ebb and flow of daily life. She does readings on her Instagram & Facebook pages @angelrootsandboots, and [...]

THG E19 Nicole B. Ford – Let your soul lead you

Hi friends! Today I’m interviewing Nicole Ford. She’s a licensed clinical social worker. She specialize in holistic trauma treatment - blending EMDR and Somatic work with indigenous practices like soul retrieval ceremonies. In this episode, we talk about how our childhood trauma rewires us, EMDR, trauma treatment, her introduction to shamanism, soul retrieval, embodiment, journeying, [...]

THG E18 Emma Rose – Become the Queen of your life

Hi friends! I am so happy to welcome Emma Rose to the show today! Emma Rose works with millennial women who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs by supporting them to break free from the underlying belief that they are in some way ‘not enough’. She believes that this epidemic among young women is holding them [...]

THG E17 Misty Garcia – Fill up your well

Hi friends! I’m so excited to have Misty Garcia on the show today! She is an intuitive medium, even though that type of label hardly suits her - she is so much MORE! We talk about mediumship, awakening, courage, family, depression/dark night of the soul, making time for your spirituality and non-negotiables, support system, filling [...]

THG E16 Katie Dalebout – Podcasting, the new networking

I am so thrilled to have Katie Dalebout on the show today! *doingahappydance Katie is a writer, host, wellness and creativity cheerleader who resides in New York City. In 2013 she started the then wellness-focused podcast Let It Out, which has now molded into a modern long-form interview show covering everything from wellness & spirituality [...]

THG E15 Maryann Ridini Spencer – Lady in the window

Hi friends! Today I have the great pleasure to have Maryann Ridini Spencer on the show! She is an award winning screenwriter, producer, author, journalist, TV host, and president of Ridini Entertainment Corporation, a content creation, public relations, marketing and TV/Film production company. Last year, the novel «Lady in the Window» came out, and became [...]

THG E14 Kate Deely – The magical world of crystals

I am so happy and honored to present Kate Deely from Scientia London on the show today! She worked in the fashion industry, building her own brand, when she had an epiphany and jumped off the "wagon" and started working with crystals. Crystals have been a part of her life since childhood, so working with [...]