THG E20 Cynthia Long – A life of service

Hi friends! I am thrilled to introduce Cynthia Long on the season finale today! She has always loved the knowledge that something bigger and greater is watching over us! Being an Angel Intuitive helps her to navigate the ebb and flow of daily life. She does readings on her Instagram & Facebook pages @angelrootsandboots, and [...]

THG E19 Nicole B. Ford – Let your soul lead you

Hi friends! Today I’m interviewing Nicole Ford. She’s a licensed clinical social worker. She specialize in holistic trauma treatment - blending EMDR and Somatic work with indigenous practices like soul retrieval ceremonies. In this episode, we talk about how our childhood trauma rewires us, EMDR, trauma treatment, her introduction to shamanism, soul retrieval, embodiment, journeying, [...]

THG E10 Anna Grace Taylor – Find joy where you are

Hi friends! Today I’m interviewing an amazing soul, Anna Grace Taylor! She is an Angel Therapist®, healer, spiritual mentor, singer-songwriter and motivational speaker who has been featured on BBC Radio and Hay House Radio, and in Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling books. Using her natural intuitive gifts, developed by years of training and [...]

THG E9 Hillary Schilling – Balanced and Blissful

I’m thrilled to be interviewing a fellow holistic health coach, Hillary Schilling! She is a soul care and balance mentor for women, she holds a BA in Communications and Sociology, is an ambassador for Luscious Life Design, and is the founder of Balanced and Blissful. You can find her at or on Instagram @blissful_balance. [...]

THG E7 Miriam – Art of Truth

I am so happy to introduce Miriam from The Art of Truth on the show today! She’s on a mission to create meaningful connection and depth through art & being. Her channeled art - Art of Truth - connects you to the next iteration of your soul - calling you forward into who you’re becoming. [...]