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Since January, I have been guided to share my voice and my gifts in a bigger way – and now it’s happening! I’m so excited to be opening up to new (and old!) clients again, after a long and deep healing journey. (Book your session HERE!)


1 card email reading
A short 1 card reading for those times that you need a quick answer. It will be in a form of a written email, and will be delivered within 24 hours!

3 card relationship reading
Do you want more clarity? Looking for love? Is he or she The One? Book a session, and let’s see what the cards and our intuition will say about it! We can use Facebook messenger, Skype or do it by email – let me know what you prefer!


Full reading – all the cards!
Standing at a crossroad, gazing to the left and then to the right. Where should I go? What is the best solution to this situation? All the doubts, the what if’s. Let me use my favorite divination tools: my cards, and my intuition, to guide you on the road ahead! This is a full 60 min reading using all the cards to get the answers you need! We can use Facebook messenger, Skype or do it by email – let me know what you prefer!


IMG_3368Chakra clearing session
Are you feeling blocked, tired, a heaviness, but not sure where it stems from? You might be experiencing that one, or several of your energy centers in your body are blocked. This chakra clearing is designed to cleanse and clear them so that your life energy can flow freely again! You will receive this from the comfort of your home, preferably sitting upright in a comfortable position, eyes closed. We then connect through email, Facebook or Instagram chat to share our experience!



StockSnap_2E7DE661A5Mother Mary written healing transmission
Let Mother Mary’s words bring peace of mind, and guide you back to wholeness with this healing transmission! A personal channeled message from Mother Mary straight to your inbox. Every time you read it, it will heal you a little more. Open your heart and receive!




Energy healing
Through 3 sessions (30 min. each), you will receive energy healing and balancing through long distance reiki and intuitive healing. There’s no need to prepare anything, other than carve out 30 minutes of your day to lie down, relax and receive! We then connect through email, Facebook or Instagram chat and share our experience.
Sometimes you’ll feel a lot – other times it is more a subtle energy exchange that will be felt after a while. Both are normal, both are fine!
(The reason why I offer 3 sessions is that it is more effective. I like comparing it to going to a physitherapist with pain in your shoulder – it rarely heals after one session!).

You can book your session HERE!

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If you’re not looking for a reading or a healing session – please consider supporting me through this fun new way – and buy me a cup of coffee! It is a one time $3 thing, and I would be forever grateful! You can buy me a cup of coffee HERE!

With love,